Jan 4, 2016

Patrick Ryan's nomination for the National Compliance Award

The KYCnet team wishes to congratulate Patrick Ryan on his nomination for the National Compliance Award

The Dutch Compliance Institute annually awards the National Compliance Award to a person or institution that has made exceptional contributions to the field of compliance. In today's complex business environment compliance has become incredibly important for ensuring social responsibility among industry players while safeguarding society against malicious uses of funds. Therefore, please show your support for a professional who has committed himself to the advancement of this discipline.

By clicking on the following link you can vote until January 8th for this year’s nominee Patrick Ryan – CEO and founder of KYCnet:

Know who you are voting for
Before founding KYCnet in 2008, Patrick had over 20 years of experience in banking, FMCG, international business development, process consulting, IT, shared­-service centre set-­up and management, outsourcing and offshoring.  He started his career with KPMG in Ireland in the mid-­80s. After a couple of years in London he moved to the Netherlands where he progressed through a series of international IT management, leadership and business development positions with the ABN Amro Bank, Mattel Toys and Wipro Technology. 

Over the years Patrick has lived and worked for extended periods in Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Los Angeles and has initiated and led projects and built and managed teams in 20+ countries in the developed and developing world. He received an MBA from IESE in September of 2002.

Patrick founded KYCnet in 2008 based on a series of simple observations: 
  • People are growing accustomed to easier, smarter and instant services;
  • Society is demanding greater care in customer due dilligence including new requirements in identity theft, fraud protection and regulatory driven on-boarding processes;
  • Businesses, especially in regulated industries, are struggling to efficiently manage resources while adhering to regualtory guidelines. 
These needs are apparent in three specific pain-points: lack of reliability, control, and adaptability. Patrick knew that he could help businesses satisfy their customers while meeting their societal demands by enabling easy on-boarding and beyond through "KYC Passport" an advanced, easy to implement SaaS technology. Today, Patrick's vision has become a reality as KYCnet's innovative software and solutions support the client lifecycle of major financial institutions domestic and abroad.

KYCnet is the world's first KYC-as-a-service company. Since 2008, KYCnet has been providing complete KYC due diligence analysis services and systems products to serve the business needs of the world's AML - regulated financial institutions.

2015 has seen massive adoption by the financial services industry of KYCnet's technology and solutions. KYCnet is now providing KYC Services and Systems to the Top-3 Banks in The Netherlands, the Top-3 Banks in Ireland, two of the top banks in the UK and one of the Top-3 Global French Banks.

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