Oct 23, 2015

KYCnet strenghtens its Sales and Marketing Department

KYCnet welcomes its newest Sales & Marketing team mate

23 October 2015

Giulietta Fantacci has joined the KYCnet Sales and Marketing Team as of October 2015.

Giulietta will liaise with potential and existing clients and provide key support in all aspects of the sales and marketing function. She will conduct lead generation, perform strategic research and assist in the marketing and promotion of KYCnet’s services and systems. Giulietta will also drive KYCnet’s social media presence and will be responsible for organizing KYCnet fair and event participation.

Giulietta graduated in Economics and Social Sciences at University Bocconi in Milan and recently obtained her Master’s degree certificate in Business Administration from the University of Amsterdam. During her studies she specialized in marketing and business development while supporting a product launch at a multinational corporation.

Giulietta reports to KYCnet’s CEO, Patrick Ryan, in her new role in KYCnet.

About KYCnet:

2015 has seen massive uptake in the financial services industry for KYCnet's technology and services. KYCnet is now providing KYC Services and Systems to the Top-3 Banks in The Netherlands, the Top-3 Banks in Ireland, two of the top banks in the UK and one of the Top-3 Global French Banks. Our system has also been selected and is live with Accenture and Dell as the technology based for their globally resourced KYC offerings.

Moreover we recently launched our Enterprise Onboarding release of Passport. See here for Release 3.0 and here for the version featured on Celent's new report on Emerging AML Technology - we feature prominently.

For more information, visit our website or contact KYCnet on +31 8400 36600 or email: info@kycnet.com